Lament of the Caribou 

Only two more sleeps until the big show!  Rehearsal last night sounded good and we are ready to play.  Now, just some last minute items, including getting people to come out to the show.  On that note, Mary Fahey of the LowDown newspaper wrote a great article about me and the new album and the show. I was absolutely thrilled to read it. This would be my first real bit of press.  Thank-you Mary!  And, tomorrow Anne-Marie of the the program Hop the Fence on CHUO radio plans to spin one of my tunes and remind people about the show at the Black Sheep Saturday.  Thank-you Anne-Marie!

The next song for you to listen to is called "Lament of the Caribou".  Like at least 4 other songs from this album, it came from one of Ian Tamblyn's songwriting classes.  Thank-you, Ian!  Ian's instructions were to write a song from a perspective outside of ourselves.  I wrote my song from the perspective of a caribou.  It is sad but beautiful.

I do hope that you consider coming to the show this Saturday (November 5) evening at the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield, QC. It would mean a lot to me. 

Finally, I would like to thank-you for reading this note and thank-you for listening for these past few weeks.