Dawn Pritchard

Ambient, beautiful, yet groovy.  That's Dawn Pritchard and her music.  A citizen of the Métis Nation, Dawn calls Wakefield, QC home. Dawn loves creating music - whether writing and recording remotely with friends during lockdowns, or recording her third album, "Tall Tales" at Little Bullhorn Productions. Introspective lyrics, smooth vocals and solid guitar playing, Dawn animates stories putting them into song.  Some of these stories include tributes to friends ("Wakefield Girl" and "Day to Day"); being all alone but together during the pandemic ("All Alone Together"); growing up in a Métis family ("Paradise"), people lost from AIDs ("Shame"), and even a song about a tree ("No Cure for Being Human"). Influences of Regina Spektor and Suzanne Vega.  Look out for "Tall Tales" summer 2022!

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