Newsletter, apology and Hampsey's House Party

Well, I finally drafted a newsletter.  I sent it out to the people who had signed their names to my house concert book and added a few friends.  However, I neglected to mention the fine musicians who played on the album. They are Andree  Prefontaine on cello, Jill Zmud on vocals, John McAlpine on harmonica, David Draves on keyboards, guitars and bass, and Malcolm Pritchard who is the voice on voices.  

I also thanked people who have hosted me at their house concerts and for some reason, I missed thanking Robbie O who has supported my music all along. Thanks Robbie O, and please accept my apologies for failing to mention you at the outset.

Finally, our songwriting group played at Hampsey's House Party last night. Once again, thank-you Paul Hampsey, Ian Tamblyn for organizing us and teaching us to write better songs, and the Kaffe 1870 in Wakefield.  As for me, I played 3 news songs: Lament of the Caribou, Living Room, and Shell Shocked. People seemed to like Shell Shocked quite a bit, even though it is about war.  Some people were hoping it was on the album that will be released on December 6, but it is much too new.  I plan to record it on the next album though.

Thanks everyone.

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