1. Shell Shocked

From the recording Catch Me If You Can

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I wrote this song based on a painting in a book, of a man, elbows on his desk, his head in his hands. Although he had come back from the war, the images of the war he left remained with him and would not go away.


Shell shocked shell shocked
you'll never be the same
you will fact this grim reality
It'll never go away

You thought when you came home
Life would be the same
You'd close your eyes and you would sleep
Back in her arms again

But the images they haunt you
You can smell the blood
You can see your brother
laying face down in the mud

Freezing cold's the least of it
Digging holes
Hauling shit
Power lines are hanging
Life like hangs by a thread
There's a steady dose of casualties
Bombs explode to near me
Sweat skin blood bone
You're not ever going home

He falls backwards down his hole
She reach to grasp his wrist but can't take hold

Shell Shocked