From the recording Catch Me If You Can

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This song came to me in a dream - really! I saw the celeste green bicycle with the name "Astrid" written on the downtube. This was the cover art for the album. I also dreamt that I would write a song about my adventures with "Astrid" which is this song. As a child, I rode my bike all over Saskatoon sometimes with my cousins or friends and sometimes by myself. I often went to visit my Granny Pritchard who lived in the Riversdale area. This song contains many of those fond memories.


When I was a girl I rode all over town
You always came with me sun up to sun down
We travelled the world within Saskatoon
Went high up on the train bridge we couldn't look down

There was me and my cousins feelin' so proud
In abandoned houses but we were so loud
Randy went up those stairs no light in the lair
I stayed at the bottom cause I was too scared

Astrid, let's run away Astrid
We have no master
We can go faster and faster
Let's fill up your basket
We can go faster
We can go

We rode to my gran's on the west side of town
Eating tomato sandwiches fresh from the vine
With a grin she told me she went to confession
Cause she bought hot coffee she's now in heaven

Then we'd stop to see Shirley on Avenue G
On the steps of the bingo she would tell me
of boys she liked, then she'd steal a smoke
Then onward we went destination unknown

Under streetlights I'd sing to you like Stevie Nicks
Dreams amidst Autumn Leaves having our kicks
Then the snow'd start to fall and I'd put you away'
And wait for next summer to do it again