1. Living Room

From the recording Catch Me If You Can

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A little song about nothing, based on a 3-1 rhyme scheme.


Head outside the sky is dark
Walk through the sandbox at the park
Not much to hear except a bark
from the dog who lives next door

Reach into your pocket and grab a smoke
Chit goes the match light your poke
Take a big pull and fill your throat
Let it swirl inside

Tilt your head and stare at the moon
Blow a fat smoke ring it fades too soon
Turn to look into the living room
of the house across the street

TV glows through window pane
The couple inside appears mundane
She pecks him on the cheek and grabs his cane
Then reaches to take his hand

Turn off the TV the room turns dark
head back through the sand in the park
The dog now quiet has ceased to bark
And you make your way back home