From the recording Catch Me If You Can

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Written for my friend, Anita Mac a cyclist, kayaker and travel blogger, who took her own life.


You're perched up on a patio
in some exotic European town
You trod Camino Santiago
Your feet hardly ever once touched the ground

With your computer and your camera
A glass of wine in your hand
You took a photo of your supper
Post your blog says 'catch me if you can'

Buenos tardes eh senor
Un vino blanco por favor

You say this travel life's your passion
You couldn't live life any other way
Looking for the Wizard of Oz
but Tinman says he's gone away

It's genuinely superficial
or maybe your just trying to hide
But your demons they still haunt you
the ghosts will tag along for the ride

You're going down, down, down
You're going down to Antigua
You're going down, down, down
You're going down to Montreal

I run I go you cannot come with me
I go, you stay, catch me if you can
I run I go today I run away
You stay I go, catch me if you can
Catch me if you
Catch me if you can

Buenos tardes eh senor
un vino blanco por favor
I have to hurry and catch my train
it's my last flight
We'll meet again