Waking Bowie and Beyond...

Can you believe that it is already February?  Musically, a lot of fun things have been happening, not the least of which was "Waking Bowie" at the Kaffe 1870. A group of Wakefield musicians got together and honoured David Bowie.  I was so fortunate to be able to participate as it was one of the most amazing gigs I have ever played at - it was electric and we all knew it.  The group of us, Alise Marlane, Pat Maher, Simon Neufeld., Luther Wright, Paul Hampsey, Brant Lucuik, Anna Melita Muhl, Brian Dubbledam, Doug McArthur, Phil Jenkins, Sheena Turcotte, Tom Werbo, Jack Pelletier, Mark Michaud - did I miss anyone? each had "Changes", "Rock n Roll Suicide", "Heroes", "All the Young Dudes", "Suffragette City" , "Rebel Rebel" and more going through our heads for the next week.  I got to bring out the black Stratocaster for the first time in years.  Luther suggested that we take the show on the road - and maybe we will.  

But, for the immediate present, there are other fun things happening. Tomorrow is "Your Broken Valentine" again at the Kaffe 1870. I will be playing a few broken love songs with JF, along with some other great Wakefield musicians.  There is no cover, but it is a fundraiser for the Wakefield Community Emergency Fund.

And, for the first time, next Wednesday night, I am  hosting the open stage at the Kaffe 1870. It is a great open stage and all are welcome.  I remember the first time I ever played there, which was the first time I had played in front of people for years, my knees shaking and likely my voice too.  Louise Rompre who hosted the evening, welcomed me as did the crowd.  And, now I get to host!  (Thanks Luther!) I hope that you can come out and either listen or play.  

See you soon.

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