Lament of the Caribou and Ottawa Cycling Fundraiser

Well, last Thursday night, I was back in the studio - Little Bullhorn Productions, in Ottawa, ON.  I went in to demo a song called "Lament of the Caribou". I wrote this song a few months back at a songwriting class taught by Ian Tamblyn.  Ian had us write something from a perspective outside of ourselves.  I chose that of a caribou.  The lyrics speak to how the landscape has changed for the caribou, and how large projects have caused their numbers to decrease.  We had 4 hours to demo this song and the end result was better than I ever dreamed.  Dave Draves is a genius!  The various guitars sound are hypnotic sounding.  One of them sounds almost like a harpsichord.  The drum and bass sound like what I imagine a caribou herd migrating to sound like.  I must have listened to the song 80 times so far.   I will likely post the song on here in the next few months.  In the meantime, I encourage you to listen to my current CD - I still have lots of those to sell.  You can purchase one through CDBaby on this site, or by contacting me.  You can also purchase an on-line version.

Also, tonight I am playing at a fundraiser for the Steven's women's and men's cycling teams as well as for the velodrome project.  I have offered up a house concert to their silent auction.

Keep in touch, and see you soon!

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