2020 update - well, hello there!

Oooooohhhh... too long since my last post.  Lots going on, things are happening (geez, it's quite hard typing with my cat, Yady, in my lap....) Lots of new songs coming - finally.  Part of this is thanks to IanTamblyn and his crew of Repeat Offenders.  I've also tried singing Jazz, and guess what? I like it - and it likes me!  Thank-you Nicole, Louise, Sonia, Diane and Fouinart for their great Jazz Vocal Camp in Cantly last autumn.  I realized that jazz has been one of my musical influences right back to the jazz music they used to play on Sesame Street. It's still in me.  

Upcoming gigs include March 8 at the Wakefield Community Centre for International Women's Day. This is always a great event wherein the men cook and bake goodies which are auctioned off to the highest bidder.  Next, on March 19 is Live and Locale at Le Hibou in Wakefield with my hub Jamie Ferguson.  There is no cover to this show and you can enjoy a great meal at the same time. I should have something special to announce for June - look out for it.

In the meantime, I will continue writing songs for the next album.  I'll also be singing some backs for Jamie who is in the studio as we speak.

Thanks for your patience and take care. I'll see you soon!