Living Room 

Countdown until the show - only 5 more days!  We are squeezing in a few more rehearsals, that last of which happened in my living room. But, that's not what this song is about. In fact, this song isn't really…Read more


I live in the "Outaouais" in the province of Quebec.  The official language of Quebec is French.  But in Wakefield many people speak English.  They can switch back and forth between French and English with ease - sometimes in the…Read more


When I was a kid I rode my bike all over Saskatoon. Riding my bike made me feel alive and free. It was a time of innocence with no curfew.  I could pretty much ride the whole day, wherever I…Read more

Shell Shocked 

I wrote "Shell Shocked" a few years back while I was at the Folk Music Ontario Conference in Toronto.  I was in my hotel room getting ready to do my homework which Ian Tamblyn had assigned - he handed out…Read more

Toward the Insignificant 

It seems like it was only a few months ago that we released "All Tied Up" at the Kaffe 1870.  In fact, that was December 2013.  Almost three years has passed and now we are less than two weeks away…Read more

Influences and Opportunities

As musicians, sometimes we are asked, "who are your musical influences?"  When asked this question, I never readily had a response.  Who did influence my music?  

I had often thought about this in the context of songwriting.  I like Regina…Read more

Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers creepers, it has been a long time since my last blog post.  During that time I have been busy recording not only my own album, but I have also been recording back up vocals for Jamie Ferguson.  I can…Read more

Waking Bowie and Beyond...

Can you believe that it is already February?  Musically, a lot of fun things have been happening, not the least of which was "Waking Bowie" at the Kaffe 1870. A group of Wakefield musicians got together and honoured David Bowie…Read more

Gigging at the Blacksheep

Wow! I will be gigging at the Blacksheep Sunday September 20.  I am very excited.  Dave Irvine has done up another great poster for the show.  I hope to see you there.  

Here's what's happenin'

Hello everyone.

I am on holidays from my day job and just got back from the lac.  Before heading north, I spent the first few days of my holiday at LIttle Bullhorn productions getting bed tracks all ready for some…Read more

Back in the Saddle

Lots of news these days.  And, it is all so exciting.   First, I received the posters for the gig at Kaffe 1870.   Dave Irvine did them up and they look fantastic.  Check it out!  It looks even better printed and…Read more

Video for 6 Feet of Snow

This past weekend, just outside Wakefield in a small village called Alcove, we shot the video for 6 feet of snow. Dave Irvine was the photographer and will produce the video. We had a lot of fun although it was…Read more