Many cool things!

This past week, many cool things happened to me.  The latest was that Eugene Meehan, Q.C. chose this very website as the website of the week for his SupremeAdvocacy newsletter.  I was quite honoured and thrilled.  You see, Eugene is quite esteemed amongst Canadian lawyers (and perhaps beyond).  The newsletter is sent to lawyers across the country and consequently, the hits to my website more than doubled!  I hope that some of those people do take a listen to the music and that they enjoy it.  Thank-you Eugene!

The second cool thing that happened, happened two nights ago. I was at the Chelsea Pub with my friend Sarah, when someone called me over and asked if I was Dawn Pritchard.  When I responded "yes", she said she was a friend of a friend and had been listening to my CD and enjoying it.  I was very happy about that.

The third thing that happened was that an old musician friend from Saskatoon ordered my CD.  He took a listen to the songs on this site and was impressed by the guitar sound.  I told him that I play a Taylor 816CE and he plays a Taylor too.  Great guitars - they sound so good, they almost play themselves!  Anyways, I am always so happy when my musician friends purchase my music.  Well, I am happy when anyone does!

Finally, this may have been in my last post, but my CD is finally on i-tunes.  You may need to search my name in i-tunes for now, but I will set up a link in case you wish to order direct.  

Off to rehearsal now.  Have a great week!

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