Extroverted introversion. That's Dawn Pritchard and her music.  A Metis Wakefield transplanted from Saskatoon, Dawn released her second album, "Catch Me if You Can" November 2016.  Introspective lyrics, intuitive music and melody.  Ambient, beautiful, yet groovy.  Solid guitar playing.  Dawn animates emotions by putting them to music.  Influences of Regina Spektor and Suzanne Vega.  Bicycles, PTSD, a lament from the perspective of a caribou and a bilingual story about a sweater are topics of Dawn's songs you will hear and remember.

Dawn is available to play events, festivals, house concerts and parties either with a full band, solo or as a duo.  Also, please feel free to contact her if you need a guitar player or backup vocalist.  She is also available to play guitar or sing backups with others.  You can contact Dawn here, through this website for bookings. 

Updates and Honesty 

Good morning my friends.  I have changed the look of my website.  A few weeks ago, I attended the Ontario Folk Conference. Dave Cool from Bandzoogle was there and he gave my website a good critique. Dave suggested that I update the look, which I have done. He also suggested that I stop my songs from automatically playing. Apparently, musicians love when the songs automatically play, but others do not. I have done that as well. Let me know what you think of the new look.   And, thanks Dave.

Also from the Folk Conference, I learned from Shawna Caspi that I should have a twitter account.  So, I started one, and I now have 17 followers.  :) I am in the process of attaching a widget to my website, so you can check out my twitter posts if you wish to.

My son suggested that I start to blog more.  I thought to myself, that certainly, I should be updating my website more often so that visitors like you have something new to read. But, I thought to myself, what could I possibly blog about, that would interest people enough to take notice of me, and particularly, my music.  Nevertheless, I decided I would write something. At this precise point in time, however, I don't know what this blog post will say.   It will be honest though.

I am beginning to record a new album. I am very excited about this, as I love working in the studio, and I love working with Dave Draves of Little Bullhorn Productions www.littlebullhorn.com .  I think the new set of songs are strong, and perhaps reflect my personality more, as opposed to the last album, which reflected, at least to some degree, a point of life I was going through.  But, I thought to myself, what good is a new album if people don't hear it?  I have one gig lined up right now.  I want more. I want to play for people so that they hear my music and so that when the next album comes out they will be excited to hear it.  What I don't want is to record a great album and have boxes of the new one, as well as the old one, sitting in my basement collecting dust.

My partner in crime, JF and I have decided to play two new open stages per month to get our music out there.  A few weeks back we played the Neat Cafe in Burnstown www.neatfood.com I had never seen so many artists at an open stage. And, the room itself was totally set up for listening to music.  We will go back there for sure.  This week is the open stage at the Kaffe 1870 in Wakefield, which is always a good place to play. I plan to be there this week to play a few new songs.  One brand new one, which I wrote for JF to sing, is called "48 Foot Shadow".  It is sort of about the struggles of the past year, but how that doesn't really matter.   It is all about perspectives and how a person might feel sooooo small, when you look at it, that person is really 48 feet tall. It is probably one of the coolest songs that I have written.  I should add that sometimes the best songs are those that are written quickly. This one took an hour, including the time we took to measure the shadow. 

I also wanted to make note that with all of this social media business these days, I find that it takes a lot of time to maintain various site, and it cuts into time that I use to actually create and play music.  I suppose that is the business of music though.  And, as I said earlier, I want to promote my music. I want people to hear it.  I want gigs. I want to make a great album. So, I will keep blogging and twittering away. More importantly I would like to hear from you.

Thanks for listening to this little update.  Here is a photo from a gig that took place at Bonnechere Caves.  See you soon.

Ontario Folk Conference 

Lots of fun and lots to learn at the Ontario Folk Conference in Toronto.  First order of business is playing for some high school students in Toronto and chatting with them about songwriting. Next, lots of panels, (including Bandzoogle - how do you like my website? :D) and late night tonight and tomorrow (or rather, early early this morning), I will be showcasing in the Chicks Rock room 353 at 1:40am, and tomorrow, the World of Music room 339 at 11:50pm.  Come on out!

Back to the Studio 

Time flies.  Summer is virtually over, and the songs keep coming.  Therefore, it is now time to get working on my second album.  Woohoo! This Friday I head to Little Bullhorn Productions to begin recording again with Dave Draves.  I am so excited!  I think these new songs have a different feel than the last ones, but then again, this has been a different time of life.  I will keep you all posted!  

ps. I have already sold one of the new albums, even though it is not even recorded! Thanks Dave S.!

"Checked Out" Video 

It's here, it's here, it's here!!  I am so happy. My first music video is complete thanks to Jonathan Edwards of Corvidae Studio Photos.  Click on the video tab and you can find the video for "Checked Out" there.  I hope that you like it.

Open Stage this Wednesday 

It has been a while since I played at the Open Stage at the Kaffe 1870 in Wakefield. John McAlpine is hosting this Wednesday and I plan to show up and play a few songs.  Drop by if you are in the area.

Saskatoon here I come! 

Next week we are heading out to Saskatoon to visit family and friends.  As usual, we are driving, but this time there will be 4 of us, 3 of whom can drive!  Yay!  I will be playing while in Saskatoon at d'Lish by Tish on May 16 at 7:30 pm.  I was looking for a venue to play at and my friends Bruce G and Kim F suggested d'Lish by Tish, and Tish was happy to accommodate me. Thanks Bruce, Kim and especially, Tish! 

I am very excited about playing in my home town. I played a  house concert there last year, graciously hosted by my friends Norma and Bill.  Since then I released my first CD, wrote more and better songs, and grown as an artist.  I was a bit nervous playing in Saskatoon last year, but this year I am simply excited.  I am excited to play in front of old friends and new ones.

I really hope that you can make it to the show!  See you on May 16th in Saskatoon.

CBC Searchlight Contest 

Hello folks. I was thinking about entering the CBC Searchlight contest.  I would enter one of my songs, and the people would hopefully vote for me.  My question is, which song should I enter?  I can only enter one!  I was thinking "My Day" and Malcolm thinks "Twisted" would be good, and someone else suggested "Taylor Baby". I just don't know.  What do you think?  Could I ask you to please check out the CBC link which is on this webpage (hmm..... maybe "Checked Out" would be a good choice!) and then post below your choice of song.  I would appreciate it so much.  Thank-you.

Many cool things! 

This past week, many cool things happened to me.  The latest was that Eugene Meehan, Q.C. chose this very website as the website of the week for his SupremeAdvocacy newsletter.  I was quite honoured and thrilled.  You see, Eugene is quite esteemed amongst Canadian lawyers (and perhaps beyond).  The newsletter is sent to lawyers across the country and consequently, the hits to my website more than doubled!  I hope that some of those people do take a listen to the music and that they enjoy it.  Thank-you Eugene!

The second cool thing that happened, happened two nights ago. I was at the Chelsea Pub with my friend Sarah, when someone called me over and asked if I was Dawn Pritchard.  When I responded "yes", she said she was a friend of a friend and had been listening to my CD and enjoying it.  I was very happy about that.

The third thing that happened was that an old musician friend from Saskatoon ordered my CD.  He took a listen to the songs on this site and was impressed by the guitar sound.  I told him that I play a Taylor 816CE and he plays a Taylor too.  Great guitars - they sound so good, they almost play themselves!  Anyways, I am always so happy when my musician friends purchase my music.  Well, I am happy when anyone does!

Finally, this may have been in my last post, but my CD is finally on i-tunes.  You may need to search my name in i-tunes for now, but I will set up a link in case you wish to order direct.  

Off to rehearsal now.  Have a great week!

Lament of the Caribou and Ottawa Cycling Fundraiser 

Well, last Thursday night, I was back in the studio - Little Bullhorn Productions, in Ottawa, ON.  I went in to demo a song called "Lament of the Caribou". I wrote this song a few months back at a songwriting class taught by Ian Tamblyn.  Ian had us write something from a perspective outside of ourselves.  I chose that of a caribou.  The lyrics speak to how the landscape has changed for the caribou, and how large projects have caused their numbers to decrease.  We had 4 hours to demo this song and the end result was better than I ever dreamed.  Dave Draves is a genius!  The various guitars sound are hypnotic sounding.  One of them sounds almost like a harpsichord.  The drum and bass sound like what I imagine a caribou herd migrating to sound like.  I must have listened to the song 80 times so far.   I will likely post the song on here in the next few months.  In the meantime, I encourage you to listen to my current CD - I still have lots of those to sell.  You can purchase one through CDBaby on this site, or by contacting me.  You can also purchase an on-line version.

Also, tonight I am playing at a fundraiser for the Steven's women's and men's cycling teams as well as for the velodrome project.  I have offered up a house concert to their silent auction.

Keep in touch, and see you soon!

CD Release Party and 2014 

Well, it's been a long time since I wrote!  I meant to write the day after the CD Release Party, and somehow this was delayed til now.  I am a bit embarrassed about that, so embarrassed that I put it off and off til  now.  But better later than never.  

The CD Release Party at the Kaffe 1870 inWakefield was a huge success!!  Dave Draves and Pat Maher played with me.  It sounded great and I had such a good time.  The place sold out, and the doorman thought that ticket sales were close to a record for a Friday night.

I was so happy to see so many friends and family there.  Friends of mine were present - ski friends, running friends, cycling friends, work friends and music friends; friends of my son, Malcolm were present; and my dad and brother came to the show from Saskatoon, and they were thrilled.  Friends of Jamie Ferguson who opened up for me, were present.  Thanks Jamie for opening.  You sounded great.  And, thank-you everyone for coming.  It meant so much to me.

I have to say, there is nothing on earth like playing live with a band.  Nothing.  And, Dave and Pat are real pros - excellent musicians.  I love playing with them.  I am hoping for more gigs (and house concerts of course) in larger venues so that I can play again with Dave and Pat.

Thank-you everyone for your support in 2013. Thanks for buying CDs, hosting house concerts, and coming to my CD release party and generally cheering.

I look forward to 2014.  I finally, finally, got my music onto CD Baby so that you can download it.  It will also be on i-tunes in a matter of days.  CD Baby will be sending me some download cards that I will be bringing to shows for those people who no longer play physical CDs.

Happy 2014.  I hope to see you soon, and to play some music for you.

Next show

Previous events


Women's Day Open Mic

Kaffe 1870, 715 ch Riverside, Wakefield, QC

Come out to the Women's Day open mic at the Kaffe 1870. I hope to fill up the roster with as many women as possible. I will start the night off with a few songs, then we will hear from our beautiful women musicians, singers, songwriters, poets and other artists. See you there!


Jamie Ferguson and Dawn Pritchard

 —  —

Le Hibou, Wakefield, QC

Come and enjoy dinner and some live music with Jamie Ferguson and Dawn Pritchard at Le Hibou in Wakefield. No cover charge.

Dawn Pritchard and the Prima Donalds live with the Fluffy Little Cowboys - Double Header!

 —  —

Blacksheep Inn, 753 chemin Riverside, Wakefield, QC

Double Header ! Dawn Pritchard and the Prima Donalds with the Fluffy Little Cowboys. Live at the Blacksheep Inn, Sunday June 11, 2017 at 4pm.

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Dawn Pritchard

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